49 years of audio, video and smart home solutions for your home


Audiotronics opens it’s doors. Abba, Fleetwood Mac, the Bee Gees. Atari debuts the 2600 game console, Rubik’s Cube becomes a sensation. Audiotronics provides musical solutions for the home and the car – reel to reel tape, 8-track tape players, stereo receivers, amp/preamp combinations and  speakers. If you needed sound for the car or home Audiotronics had it


MTV, Who Shot JR? Personal computers. The first cellular phone. Exciting times and Audiotronics continued to evolve with the times – we offered cell phones and service to our customers. VCR’s created the rental video market. Laserdiscs offered a higher definition video experience for discerning homeowners. Rear projection big screen televisions for the home. Cassette decks and later CD players changed how we listened to music in the home and car. In-wall speakers debuted in the mid 80’s. And so began the revolution of multi-room audio. 


Nirvana, Tupac, No Doubt. The 90s saw the rise of the best bands and artists of all times. Technology grew just as spectacularly – early 90’s saw the decline of the gigantic rear projection sets and the rise of flat panel plasma televisions. The DVD player provided a higher definition viewing experience than previous technologies. Home theater is born. Multi-room audio started to gain traction with homeowners, along with primitive versions of video distribution and home automation. All through this, Audiotronics provided their customers with education and guidance on these new technologies 


iPod nano and later the iphone. Blue ray players. Internet in the home. Home automation continues to grow in popularity. Audiotronics continues to help their clients navigate through the increasingly confusing maze of technologies to determine which solutions are the best. 


to present day

High speed internet. Streaming video. Smart televisions. Alexa. Control of the home via touchscreens and smartphone apps. Video doorbells. Surveillance. Lighting control. Motorized shades. Thermostats controlled via phone. Home technology has become so bewildering that even the most technical enthusiast has trouble understanding which solutions are the best for them. 

Throughout all these technological advances Audiotronics has and will continue to guide their customers and providing them with solutions that fit their lifestyle. We have mastered the fine art of mixing dissimilar technologies and making them work as one in your home. How about leaving your house and the lights shut off, the shades lower, the thermostat adjusts itself and the television turns off? Yep, we can do that and more. We were building “smart homes” before the phrase was coined.


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